Interior Design in Limerick Restaurants

Tesla Patent Print at The Cornstore Restaurant, Limerick City
Tesla Print for an invention

New Foyer Design at The Cornstore

I was sent on an errand last week to collect spot prizes for a fund raising event and low and behold The Cornstore on Limerick’s upper Thomas Street revamped their foyer and its is really beautiful. Firstly the colours are moodier and darker  – the dark jewel like blue (think a light mid-night greeney blue) on the walls contrasts nicely with the start white and perfectly edged white marble table tops. What caught my eye most are the Tesla prints on the wall. These prints are from his patent lawyer at the time and in-between these are gorgeous botanical prints. The prints are a surprise and add that sort of hard edgy vibe to wall against the softness of the floral prints.

The upright tables near the bar and their accompanying sturdy fancy bar stools with oppulant backs have been updated and it is oh so lush and classy! I love it all.  In addition to this there is more seating areas for waiting in the front and the foyer is a success.  I will have to confirm this though by going back on a busy night! 

Botanical Print from The Foyer, in The Cornstore Restaurant Limerick City 

I think an educated guess here tells me the prints were obtained in Argosy in NYC on 53rd Street – that is the place for amazing prints and ones like these don’t come cheap. But Argosy is the number one for original one off prints – a lovely juxtaposition in our digital age. 

Detail of Tesla Print
Detail of Tesla Print