Plastic In Design

How much plastic do I wash and recycle?

There is so much debate over the planet now I don’t know where to begin on this issue. On a day to day basis I am annoyed at how much I have to throw out and wish we had a simpler system for transporting food. I wash everything I throw out and I have to say I have definitely noticed that the bins outside my living area are generally cleaner now that the water charges were waived.

Below is a photo of some plastic that is going out this week in the recycling – it is a pain to wash everything but I hope it makes a difference.  When I am washing single use plastic items I am never sort on fascination of how well everything is designed and can I say over designed. However, I am not a fan of washing milk cartons but I prefer the way milk tastes from these tetra packs. I will be adding to this blog as I go with any thing recycling or plastic related.

Image of washed items for recycling all beautifully designed for their single use.
Items for recycling bin!