Buíochas le Dia

Planning the Image Capture for one of the installations 

Buíochas le Dia de los Muertos was in interactive installation to encourage the public to have fun with technology. Over 350 children and adults attended over a four day period in the Lough Gur Visitor Center. The project explored cultural comparisons and differences that both Mexico and Ireland bestow on the living and the dead. Different levels of interaction were employed for the user experience. Ease of use and testing was essential at early prototyping stages. The audio cubes that you see in the photos below allowed the user to record their voices and layer different original pieces of music on each layer. At the end the user could play the message back for visitors to hear or just take the piece away on their phone as an mp3.

The skulls housed a simple flexible camera (out of one eye) and a  flexible light source out of the other. On the nose of the skull a simple Wii mote allowed the user to save and display their image if desired and giving the user freedom to be part of the installation. Prototyping in Flash was used for prototyping early stages of the project and later javascript was utilized for flexibility allowing levels of complexity and iterations of the user experience for the project.

David Delaney and Fiona Kiely developed all aspects of this project from funding, sourcing footage, production, hardware and software for each part of the project. We greatly appreciate the help and support of friends Rory Devane and Owen McGee with their help on this project.  

Enjoying the activities! Left: Enjoying lo-fi message tree. Right: capturing images on the camera!


Image Capture and Projector Working.

People enjoying the show!

Enjoying the activities! Left: Enjoying lo-fi message tree. Right: capturing images on the camera!

Parts to a skull

Image Capture and Projector Working.


Image Captures Detail


People enjoying the show!


Audio cubes in view & back of skull housing projector and flowers.


      The Venue


 The Poster!