Information Panels

The People’s Park has been a project I was involved in twice. All the trees have been identified and they are viewed daily by the public. I really enjoyed the process of meeting the Parks Department and discussing the new trees and alas tress that fell down in a storm a few year ago.

Rear Panel Outlining Trees. All photographs, icons and drawings are original.


Front Panel Outlining Monuments in Park. There is a timeline on the right of panel.

Detail-Logos-500This project outlined all planted trees in the People’s Park, Limerick City. The hand drawn element of the panel is to scale as printed in situ. The pencil drawing is a nice contrast to the illustrator file that holds the text and images. All trees had to be researched, placed in a map and checked with tree experts for accuracy.

This project evolved after a structured survey was conducted on site with park users regarding the Richard Russell Fountain and its refurbishment process. The pubic continually inquired about tree and plant life. It was decided for Limerick Civic Trust to produce the panel as useful information that would enhance the users visit to this public space on behalf of Limerick City Council.


One of two panels in situ.